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Louliou Ring Toss – Handcrafted Games – Craggy Games – Ring Toss with Shot Ladder Bundle – Handmade Wooden Ring Toss Hooks Fast-paced Interactive Game for Bars Home, Adults Drinking Games & Toys (F)

Price: $25.99
(as of May 11,2021 15:26:52 UTC – Details)

Go to the party and take hooks! The fast-paced interactive gam combined with the traditional ring throwing technology, puts you toe-to-toe with another player to be the first to land the ring.

Bring this ring toss game with you to your tailgates, the beach, family vacations, camping, or even the neighbors garage party!

Package includes:

1 * Ring Toss Game

Instructions for use:

1. The classic Ring Toss, in which players try to land a ring attached to a string on a hook screwed to a central post, 2. For experienced players, you can make your own punishment rules to make the game more interesting.

Note : Based on different screens, there may be a certain color difference

hook and ring toss game ring toss game Drop the phones, light a fire, crack a beer (or whatever you are into) and enjoy this charming moment now !
Place the cup on the center circle. Remove the ring and go! Each time you land the hook, move the small cup 1 space towards your opponent. When the small cup is removed from the end of the ladder, YOU WINS !
Increase your bets with your competitors before the game and play every style of play! Add much more fun at the party, ignite the joyous atmosphere!
Freshly sanded to display the natural design.The knots, grooves and indents gives our product the craggy look, creating a strong rural atmosphere.
This ring toss game is most suitable for party drinking, family gatherings, daddy & kids family time. Improve the relationship and enjoy the parent-child time.

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