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Macramé for Beginners: Decorate your Home and Garden with Creative Handmade Macramè Objects. A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Projects, Knots, Patterns and much more.

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Are you interested in becoming a master of macramé to decorate your home and garden with handmade creative objects made by yourself? If yes, then keep reading.

Macramé is a vintage art that has survived extinction for centuries and has continued to thrive as an unrivaled technique to make simple but sophisticated items. There is indeed a certain, unequaled feeling of satisfaction that comes from crafting your masterpiece.

Jewelry and fashion accessories made with even the most basic Macramé knots are always a beauty to behold; hence they serve as perfect gifts for loved ones. Macramé also helps to create durable items, a feature that Macramé accessories excellent gifts.

Macramé can also serve as a starting point for you to begin your dreamed small business. After perfecting your Macramé skills, you can conveniently sell your items and get paid well for your products. You could even train people and start your own little company.

Each knot is going to be the foundation of the other projects that you create, so you have to take the time to get familiar with each of them. Do not worry if you do not get it at first.

My goal with this book is to give you the inspiration and direction you need to master macramé.

This book covers:

  • What is macramé?
  • Tools and materials
  • Types of knots
  • Macramé plant hangers
  • Macramé wall hangings and candle holders

…And much more!

I know you are going to fall in love with every aspect of this hobby, and when you know how to work the knots, you will want to make them in all the possible ways.

So, what are you looking for? Click here to buy the book!

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