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Prsildan Trampoline Water Sprinkler, 39FT Trampoline Accessories, Durable and Easily Install, Perfect Summer Outdoor Waterpark Atomize Hose Fun Game Toys for Adults Kids Boys Girls in Yard Garden

Price: $12.99
(as of May 11,2021 23:29:01 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Are you still upset by the summer heat?

This summer is hotter than usual. It’s time to take out our sprinklers and fix them with adjustable ties, so even moms can use them easily. We always try to drive away the heat in summer. Our children complain that the sun is so violent. With our sprinkler, we can give life to the trampoline. Don’t hesitate anymore!








Complete accessories and adjustable, the upgraded water pipe is smoother. The high-quality water pipes can be put away after the hot summer and will be used again next year.

Have Fun!

In hot days, it brings a lot of cool fun to children, the water can reduce the temperature to 20-25 degrees, let them enjoy playing and jumping in the water world.

Wildly Use!

Our sprinkler system can also water and irrigate lawns, gardens, and greenhouse plants. Or be installed on livestock farms and farms for cleaning.

Fun Outdoor Sprinkler Paradise: Our trampoline water sprinkler will create a joyful waterpark for kids in the hot summer. The sprinkler for trampoline can atomize mist of water on the trampoline, creating a cool and comfortable playing environment and children can play happily under the trampoline sprinkler. There is nothing better than them as gifts for children, play with your children in the water to promote parent-child friendship.
Easily Install and Use: Our trampoline sprinkler can be easily installed on the trampoline and used. The installation takes only three steps. First fix the hose to the outer surface of the trampoline bracket or safety net with the supplied cable tie. Then connect the hose and faucet. Finally open the valve of the hose and slowly open the faucet. Your Children can enjoy themselves underwater. We have fixed the end of hose with glue, no need to worry about wasting water.
Safe for Your Kids: Our trampoline sprinkler has a smooth exterior and no sharp parts, so it can be used with confidence. The hose installed on the outside of the trampoline ensures that the child will not catch it when jumping. The cable tie used for fixing can be adjusted freely and will not fall off easily, which increases the safety factor for children.
High Quality and Upgraded: The end of sprinkler is connected to the faucet, and the threaded interface effectively avoids water leakage. The other end is sealed. There are many tiny holes in the hose and the water pressure water out through these tiny holes. The high-quality trampoline sprinkler can be reused and the cable tie using for fixing hose can be removed at will. Upgraded thickened hose, heavier and thicker hose sprinkler can withstand higher water pressure.
Multi-Function and Guarantee : Our sprinkler system can not only be installed on a trampoline to create a water park for children, but also water and irrigate lawns, gardens, and greenhouse plants. It can also be installed on livestock farms and farms for cleaning. We provide 100% service guarantee, if you have any questions about our products, contact us at any time.

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