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Whack A Mole Game, Toys for 5 Year Old Boys, Hammer Toy, Interactive Educational Toys, Early Developmental Toys for Kids, PK Mode for 2 Kids, Large Size, Pounding Toy with Light and Sound, 2 Hammers

Price: $34.99
(as of May 11,2021 14:28:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Whack-A-Mole Type Game ToyWhack-A-Mole Type Game Toy

3 Mode(Single/PK/Super Mode)3 Mode(Single/PK/Super Mode)

3 Mode(Single/PK/Super Mode)

Single mode is meant for solo fun at half part(9 target balls available) of the smash pan, super mode for solo fun or teamwork of 2 or more kids at full smash pan(18 target balls available),PK mode for the hot battle action of two players. A variety of game modes will be a huge hit with everybody of all skill levels.


Sound & Light Effects

The ear-catching sound effect it plays responding to every hit, the words it “says” during the game is fun and full of breath taking atmosphere(it congratulates you if you do well), and 18 target balls of various color combination, all of these tiny details make the game really fun.


Coin and Coin-free

Kids are fond of coin machine, this wracking game toy can be driven without a coin or with a coin by pushing the button here to the middle or to the coin icon position.


9 Speeds & Variable Quantity(1/2/3) of Balls to Light Up At A Time:

This wrack-a-mole type game toy has an easy setting(1 target ball at a slower pace) and more challenging settings(multiple target balls light up at a time at a faster pace) so you don’t get bored with it , which is poles apart from the hit-a-frog toy monotonous on settings.

Tips: The quantity of target balls to light up at a time is subject to the speed you choose.


The Best Edutainment Toy

This is the upgraded version of the “whack-a-frog” game toys, which are small so that kids have to take turns instead of sharing together, and are huddled with target frogs that kids are hard to hit correctly. Get this BIG one, kids won’t have to fight for turns, instead, can both play at the same time since it’s quite larger made and equipped with 18 target balls(far more than 10) for more excitement.

The is a game toy that arouses kids’ attention and drives their initiative to recognize colors of many kinds, build hand-eye coordination, boost brain development, enjoy the fun of competition and address the sense of teamwork. Different settings to choose so as to make it more or less changing for younger or elder.

【Super LARGE Smash Pan】 Unlike the tiny “hit a frog” game toy that has no enough room for more to share, and with target frogs all huddled close to another, hence, hard to hit the 1 but mistakenly hit the nearby. This one, the upgraded version, is oversized, with more target balls(18, not 10 only ),and 2 mallets(hit w/ hands if more join in). Light up 1-3 target balls at a time(subject to the speed/difficulty you choose, a challenge for solo, or training of sense of coherence of teamwork).
【Every Safety Detail Counts】To ensure safety and child friendliness, every detail matters: mallets with soft rubber tip won’t hurt anyone or shatter anything if they keep banging away; rounded angles/edges, not confined to material(BPA-free, non-toxic and odor-free), set your mind at total ease. Importantly, the smash pan is made of super sturdy plastic to withstand kids’ powerful and constant whacks, and has a sturdy base due to 4 suction cups to prevent slippery on table while pounding.
【The Best Educational Toy】The colorful balls help the young recognize colors and explore this colorful world. The lights and sound effects(it “talks” during the game like a real companion beside, cheering them up if failed and congratulations to them if they made it) keep the tot entertained, engaged and encouraged. This game certainly helps with hand-eye coordination, brain development, competition and cooperation(Super mode for solo or teamwork of more kids to fun together).
【Easy to Start】Load 4 AA batteries(not included) and start the excitement with your kids now. The best education given to kids is to involve yourself in kids’ growing, letting them feel being cared, loved and accompanied. Kids would quickly pick up that they need to wrack the 1 when it lights up. 9 speeds, and 5 levels(available in single mode and super mode) for each speed you select(speed up when level up) make this a fun skill building game that gains lots of laughs and fun hours together.

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