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Bean Bag Toss Game, 4 in 1 Multifunctional Game Dart Board with 8 Dart Ball Bean Bag Throwing Game with 4 Fix Nails Bean Toss Game For Toddlers with Educational Function In-Outdoor Toy for Kid’s Gift

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Product Description

The bean bag tossing game is a great gift for children. The bean bag toss game for toddlers is multi-functional, suitable for users to play indoor and outdoor, and can cultivate children’s learning ability. The vivid and colorful graphic design can attract children’s attention and stimulate their learning ability.

1.4 in 1 Powerful Board:

Our bean bag throwing board has four different games. The children can play with your siblings or neighbors including sticking the dart ball on the dart board, throwing the bean bag into the net bag, playing Tic Tac Toe game, recognizing words.

2.Family Leisure and Entertainment:

When the children are at home on vacation, the bean bag toss game toy for kids can make the children not bored, relieve fatigue, and learn new things. Parents can also play with their children to cultivate parent-child relationships and gain happiness in play.

Bean Bag Toss Game folding steps

Bean Bag Toss Game folding steps

3.Help Improve Learning Ability:

Different games are to cultivate children’s different learning abilities. Darts and beanbag throwing are physical strength games, and Tic Tac Toe and word lists are intellectual games. The bean bag board game not only brings happiness to children, but also exercises children’s learning ability, which will help them to learn in the future.

4.Foldable and Portable:

This board is foldable. After we use the bean bag toss game kit for kids , we can fold it up and put it in the bag. All the toys can be put in the bag, so the Bean bag toss game toy for kids is very convenient to carry the bean bag game board outdoors. Although many games are on different flats, we can disassemble the Velcro and fold it on a flat. Isn’ t it amazing?

5.Size Suitable for Children:

The size of our bean bag throwing game board is 24” x 20”. This size is just right for children from 3 to 5 years old to play, not too big or too small. But in fact, even bigger children can play bean bag board too, its compatibility is very strong.


Game Set Net Weight: 1.4lbs

Bean Board Size: 24.5 inch * 19.5 inch

Main Material: Oxford cloth, brushed cloth


Bean Bag Board x 1

Bean Bags x 6

Carry Bag x 1

Sticky Balls x 8

Fixing Nails x 4

4 In 1 Multifunctional Game Board: The bean bag toss game toy contains four games. Children can play darts glued to different points according to the strength or direction of the child. They also can play beanbags, tic-tac-toe, and learn letters and English vocabulary. Our kids bean bag toss covers so many things, why don’ t you be tempted
Educational Function: Unique and innovative design, our bean bag toss game has a unique vocabulary list, children can learn the English name of the animal and understand the characteristics of the animal based on the picture. If you have the best bean bag game, children can not only experience the fun of the game, but also learn more to lay the foundation for their future learning
Hangable and Strong Fixity: After the folded weight is 1.4lbs, which is lighter than best bean bag game products on the market. Our bean bag toss game kit for kids can be hung on the wall with a rope to play darts and sticky ball games. In addition, the fixed bracket helps to make it more stable, and its lightweight folding design makes it an excellent outdoor bean bag toss game
Indoor and Outdoor Parent-Child Games:Whether indoors or outdoors, this game can be played well. You can play the bean bag toss game toy on the floor at home. Or you can play on the lawn, garden, beach, when you go out. The Outdoor bean bag toss game can make the connection between parent and child closer and cordial. The indoor bean bag toss can bring you wonderful fun
Safe and Durable Quality: The edge of our bean bag toss game toy for toddlers is not sharp, which is very safe for children. Don’t worry about your children getting hurt when they play. We are made of high-quality materials, there is no unpleasant odor, and the bean bag throwing game is durable

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