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Designing a Life: From House to Haven: 10 Steps to Become a Haven Maker

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What if you could transform your house into a haven in 10 simple steps? What if you became intentional about enjoying the design journey as much as the end result? How can a change in mindset relieve stress in the home design process? In Designing a Life: From House to Haven, popular blogger and stylist Sarah Symonds guides you through the intentional process of home design. This book will empower you to become a haven maker! A well-decorated house is not the ultimate goal. The real goal? Creating a haven to refresh, rejuvenate and restore your family to achieve the ultimate goal of designing a life. Utilizing a free 10 step workbook, Sarah walks you through how to: Adjust your mindset towards designDefine your design styleEstablish a Design VisionBreak down the design process into 10 simple stepsSolve real-life design problemsBecome a haven-makerFill a house with decor and it remains just a house. Design a life-giving space and it becomes a haven. Join the community of haven makers today.What Readers Are Saying:”Liberating””Groundbreaking concept””Real life problems, solved””Helpful for everyone at every level”

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