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Phone Cooler with Wireless Charger for Android and iOS Portable Radiator Gift Mini Semiconductor Refrigeration Mobile Cooler Watching Gaming Accessories Phone Cooling Fan Game Controller Black

Price: $21.99
(as of May 12,2021 01:31:38 UTC – Details)


1. Quickly cool the heat, reduce the consumption of the mobile phone battery, protect the smart phone, and extend the service life of the mobile phone

2. Solve the situation that the phone automatically shuts down due to overheating.

3. One-second cooling, wireless charging, low temperature operation, the center area on the back of the phone drops as much as 28 degrees.

4. Type-C plug and play, only one power cord is needed for charging and cooling.

5. Support mobile phone charging with wireless charging function, play with the mobile phone without power.

6. Continuous cooling and continuous charging.

7. The shell adopts a fully transparent heat dissipation design, so that heat dissipation is more thorough and lasting


1. You need to buy a charger with an output power of 5V and 2A. The charging head is not included in the package.

2. As the phone cooler starts to work, the temperature of the cooler decreases. When it is cold, the hot air in the environment will condense into small water droplets and adhere to the surface of the radiator. This is a natural phenomenon, so don’t worry.

3. When you stop using the equipment, please disconnect the power in time

4. If you encounter any problems in use, please contact us in time, we will do our best to provide the best help.

✅Long-lasting heat dissipation: The shell adopts a fully transparent heat dissipation design to make heat dissipation more thorough and long-lasting. It has a large heat sink and fan that can dissipate heat in all aspects and provide a very effective heat dissipation effect.
✅Portable design: small and portable, Type-C plug-and-play, charging and cooling only need a power cord, mobile phone cooler is small, light and comfortable. At the same time, there is a button on the side of the mobile phone radiator, which can be turned on and off to realize the wireless charging function.
✅Applicable to a variety of mobile phones: The mobile cooler has a retractable soft silicone back clip, the maximum width is up to 7.0 inches, supports IOS/Android, and is suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei series and other mobile phone models with wireless charging.
✅Occasion: It is suitable for indoor and outdoor mobile phone charging and cooling needs, and can be used to watch videos, movies, live broadcasts, outdoor travel, etc.

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